Ford Raptor for CNET’s “Roadshow”

Shooter: Sony a7s II with 3-axis stabilizer

Infiniti QX30 for CNET’s “Roadshow”

Shooter: Sony a7s II with slider

Factory of the Future

Creative Producer, Shooter, Editor, Motion Graphics

Online Quoting Animation

Producer, Shooter, Editor, Motion Graphics

Fathom 3D Printing

Producer, Shooter, Editor, Motion Graphics

Applied Motion Product Demos

Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor, Motion Graphics

Somatone Game Audio Web Spot

Producer, Editor, Director, Motion Graphics

Rebecca Jean Catering Web Spot

Producer, Editor, Motion Graphics

Intel CEO’s Giant Six-Legged Robot

Director, Shooter, Editor


Producer, Shooter, Editor

Tesla Motors

Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor

CopterShot Drone Aerials

Dramatic Drone Aerials

Director, Pilot, Shooter, Editor

In The Making Discovery Series

Discovery Web Series

Producer, Director, Editor

Shift Academy Summit

Producer, Editor, Director

BarTrendr big

BarTrendr Mobile App Demo

Producer, Editor, Director

SmartDrive Product Demo Documentary

SmartDrive Demo Mini-Doc

Producer, Shooter, Editor

Gianni's North Beach

Pig Roast Mini-Doc

Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor

Coalesse The New Work Day

Coalesse Branding Piece

Producer, Shooter, Editor

Dwarf Cars

Dwarf Cars Mini-Doc

Producer, Director, Editor

Maker Faire Documentaries

Maker Faire Mini-Docs

Director, Shooter, Editor

Wood Bikes

Wood Bikes Mini-Doc

Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor

Huey Vets Mini-Documentary

Huey Vets Mini-Doc

Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor

Coalesse Designer Documentary

Coalesse Designer Mini-Doc

Shooter, Producer

Jackalope's Den

The Jackalope’s Den

Director, Shooter, Editor, Producer

Best Bad Foods

Best Bad Foods

Director, Shooter, Editor

Gianni Documentary

Gianni Mini-Doc

Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor

AutoGrid Branding

AutoGrid Branding Piece

Producer, Writer, Shooter, Editor

Slow Motion Summer

Slow Motion Summer Eating

Director, Shooter, Editor

Coffee Roast Profiles

Coffee Mini-Doc

Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor

AutoGrid Mini-Doc

Producer, Director, Shooter, Editor

Stuff I do:

  • Promotional Documentaries
  • Content Strategy
  • Full Production Services: cameras, lighting, sound
  • After Effects Motion Graphics
  • Startup Branding and Demos
  • HD and Ultra HD (4k) Workflow
  • Web Series (YouTube channel development)
  • Live Events (including Tricaster webcasting)

I’ve created content for:

Clients say:

While I'm kicking down doors at innovation labs around the globe, Jeff is wrestling my footage like the hungry alligator it is. His editing is top-notch, and better still is the refining sensibility he brings as a producer.

Mike North, Discovery Channel

Jeff's keen grasp of story and brand allows the two of us to collaborate closely and craft SmartDrive's core video messaging in a way that is authentic and focused. The SmartDrive sales team could not be happier.

Doug Alexander, Alexander Design

Not only did Jeff produce nice documentary-style videos, he also did a deep dive into AutoGrid's branding, deftly writing a script, directing voice-over, and assembling all the pieces into a very strong branding video.

Sandra Kwak, Resilient Markets

Jeff's cinematography, audio, and editing are all clean and professional. He's also zero ego and fun to work with.

Jonathan Jackson, Repertoire Productions


About Me

I live in San Francisco and use video to tell stories of creation, innovation and a spectacular future. I specialize in combining authenticity with advanced cinematic techniques and reasonable budgets. I’ve created content for big companies as well as startups in the arts and technology space.


Video Creative

My video skills range from pre-production (scripting, animatics, treatments) to live production (directing, cinematography, lighting & sound) to post-production (editing, color correction, motion graphics, file compression). I also build websites that support video content, such as YouTube Channels.



 I own Sony cameras, shooting in 4K, capable of native low light and super slow motion. See a partial inventory on Sharegrid.

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