Myrddin Emrys

"In Merlin the older image of God is probably resuscitated, an image in which aspects of Wotan are mingled with the archetypally related Kerunnus (Cernunnos), an image of inner wholeness which still presses its unfulfilled claims on man."   
- C.G. Jung and von Franz

"Gandalf, Merlin, Odin and Woden were identical figures who usually took the form of a wandering old man in a grey cloak who carried a staff."
    - David Day

Images of Merlin

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This is a nightlite that I recently found for my daughter.
MERLIN IN THE MOON, Enesco 1982 Faith Wick
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"Sleep in the Arms of the Dragon."
- Merlin in John Boorman's Excalibur


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This character from the Spawn comic is eventually revealed to be Merlin.   Nicol Williamson plays Cogliostro in the film version of Spawn indirectly reprising his earlier role in Excalibur.
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and Count Saint Germain
Some hold that St. Germain was (or is) Merlin reincarnated.

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"Saint Germain was Merlin, the unforgettable, somehow irretrievable figure who haunts the mists of England, about to step forth at any moment to offer us a goblet of sparkling elixir. He the 'old man' who knows the secrets of youth and alchemy, who charted the stars at Stonehenge, and moved a stone or two, so they say, by his magical powers--who would astonish no one if he suddenly appeared on a Broadway stage or in the forests of the Yellowstone or at one's side on any highway anywhere. For Saint Germain is Merlin."
from Lords of the Seven Rays by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Other reincarnational suggestions have been made.

"With regard to claimed Arthurian reincarnations, one might note that the writer George Hunt Williamson asserted that the wizard Merlin was reincarnated as Joseph Smith who founded the Mormon Church."    - Ronan Coghlan,  The Encyclopaedia of Arthurian Legends  1991


The actors portraying Merlin are the incredible Nicol Williamson and Sam Neill.
The actor portraying Gandalf is the remarkable Sir Ian McKellen.


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