Walking in Eternity

A Visual Study of Doctor Who

"I dreamed of him too.  Merlin lives.  He lives in our dreams now.  He speaks to us from there."   
- King Arthur in John Boorman's Excalibur

When I was around 11 or 12 years old, I first became aware of an unusual TV show called Doctor Who. In St. Louis during the 1980’s, Public Television (channel 9) offered this program Sunday nights at 10:30. Considering the fact that the next day was a school day, my parents seldom encouraged me to watch it. I would usually catch about ten minutes of it before becoming sleepy and being sent off to bed. The mysterious sights and sounds of this British oddity would neatly dovetail into the equally enigmatic dream landscape of my Sunday night slumber. This haphazard viewing schedule never allowed me to figure out what the program was about. Who was this Doctor? What the hell was this blue box? I had never seen anything like this. To answer these questions, I would occasionally resort to quietly sneaking downstairs late at night to watch the show in the darkness. This would usually result in my falling asleep in the television glow only to be awakened by the sound of my mother’s frustrated footsteps.

Eventually when I got a little older (and more stubborn), my parents began to let me stay up for it. At first I would have to fight my tendency to fall asleep while watching, but I was becoming more of a "night person" with every passing month. After finding a few Doctor Who books in the library, I began to understand the show better.

During my awkward teenage years I took refuge in the world of Doctor Who. Along with the writing of Robert E. Howard and the music of Iron Maiden, Doctor Who proved to be my sanctuary. (I was overjoyed to find the Doctor’s Tardis hidden on two Iron Maiden album covers!  Of Howardian interest, there was also an excellent Dr. Who/Conan crossover story by Gennie Summers published back in 1987 called Castle of Sorcery; although I didn't discover this until recently.)

Peripheral to this Dr. Who interest, was a fascination with the Arthurian mage- Merlin.   Due to my love for the films Excalibur and Camelot, I had become enamored with the Magus.  When alone, I would frequently find myself 'conversing' with an imaginary friend that I called Merlin.  (Yes, I admit that this is rather strange, but it sure beats talking to yourself!)   In an odd way, irony was at work.  Although it was always obvious that the character of the Doctor was based on the Merlin Archetype,  we would later learn, in the episode Battlefield that the Doctor was, in fact, Merlin.

I attended several Dr. Who conventions and contributed artwork to the St. Louis fan publication The Time Lord Times. Although I enjoyed going out and socializing on the weekends, all of my friends knew better than to disturb me on Sunday nights.

Strangely one tradition had remained from my childhood. Even though my parents no longer bothered me about staying up late, I would always watch the show in the dark. To me Doctor Who and the night hours had become intimately linked. Perhaps the darkness reminded me of the blackness of space. Or perhaps I still enjoyed the idea of having to sneak around just to see this strangely compelling TV show.

Many years have passed since those early nocturnal adventures. Now living in Colorado, I am in my late 30's with a youngster of my own.   Although I nolonger watch Doctor Who on television, the character of the Time Lord is with me still.

"I’m a Time Lord… I walk in Eternity."
– the Doctor in Pyramids of Mars


 Here are a bunch of pictures of the Doctor in no particular order.  In order to show a more complete survey of the Doctor, I have made it a point to include various images from fan produced videos and audios.  This is, in fact, why I've created the page.  I have also provided a look at the Doctor as he appeared in sixties cinema.    These "unorthodox" aspects of the Doctor are interspersed with the more traditional television Doctors.  You will not find pictures of any traveling companions on this page.  These are only images of the Doctor in his or her various forms.  It may or may not take a while for the pictures to load, but I guarantee that if you look carefully, you will find this to be an unusual collection of Dr. Who pictures.

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The aspects of the Doctor on this page are portrayed by the following actors.  Again these are in no particular order.  Unfortunately I'm not sure if I properly have the names of all the individuals who appear on this page.

Peter Cushing, Dave Roberts, Paul McGann, Coral Bliss, Steve Toon, Sylvester McCoy, Tom Baker, Vasilios Alagiannis, William Hartnell, Sean Corcoran, Matthew Wolff, Tony Garner, Mark Bennett, George Murphy, David Rowell Werkman (sp?), Dennis Kuhn, Patrick Troughton, Hugh Grant, Paul Christopher, Rupert Booth, Jon Pertwee, Eifion Evans, Richard E. Grant, Peter Davidson, David Tennant, Barbara Benedetti, Colin Baker, Joanna Lumley, Rowan Atkinson, Mark Gattiss, Jim Broadbent, Matthew Kopelke, Michael Jayston, Christopher Eccleston, Mike O'Doherty, David Huntingdon, Mark Wright, Bob Pugh, Trevor Martin, Nick Scovell, Adam Manning, Alan Dill, James Mah, Mario Meneses, Vincent Savage, David Segal, Jeffrey Coburn, Jym DeNatale, James K. Flynn, David Warner, Geoffrey Bayldon, David Collings, Arabella Weir, Hamilton Camp, Terry Kiser




If you are curious about some of these Doctors, you might want to check out  Colin Caulkins' Fan Video Page .    It contains links to many of the sites where I obtained these images of the Time Lord.

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The Iris Wildthyme Pages
"Many of the experiences Iris claims as hers are very similar to the Doctor's own. In some cases she vividly remembers entire adventures as being part of her own past rather than his. Among the explanations she has offered for this are the possibility that she is an alternate universe's equivalent of the Doctor..."    -Doctor Who Wiki

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The role of the Doctor played by the following actors...
Vincent Savage, David Segal, Jeffrey Coburn, Jym DeNatale, James K. Flynn

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David Warner, Geoffrey Bayldon, David Collings, Ian Brooker, Arabella Weir, Nicholas Briggs        

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Big Finish- Doctor Who

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My favorite Dr. Who link is about the excellent films by Ryan K. Johnson starring the late Barbara Benedetti as the first female incarnation of the Doctor.  I only wish I could find more pictures of her.

This web page is dedicated to the memory of five actors who have played the part of the Doctor.

William Hartnell
Peter Cushing
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Barbara Benedetti