Feral Folk

Here is a list of the literary exploits of Tarzan and others like him.

This does not include the many excellent tales that appear only in comic book/graphic novel form.  Also while children's books are generally not on this list, junior novels or stories for young adults are included.

Featuring the characters of...

Tarzan of the Apes     
Jan of the Jungle     
Bomba the Jungle Boy
Azan the Ape Man
Polaris- of the Snows
Kwa, King of the Apes

Kioga of the Unknown Land
Ki-Gor Jungle Lord
Tharn, Warrior of the Dawn
Tam, Son of the Tiger
Morgyn the Mighty
George of the Jungle
Zamba of the Jungle


Mowgli stories...

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Mowgli's Brothers    -by Rudyard Kipling
Kaa's Hunting    -by Rudyard Kipling
How Fear Came    -by Rudyard Kipling
'Tiger: Tiger!'    -by Rudyard Kipling
Letting In The Jungle    -by Rudyard Kipling
The King's Ankus    -by Rudyard Kipling
Red Dog    -by Rudyard Kipling
The Spring Running    -by Rudyard Kipling
In the Rukh    -by Rudyard Kipling
The Adventure of the Peerless Peer     -by Philip Jose Farmer    (Mowgli-Sherlock Holmes crossover)    
The Jungle Book    -by Mel Gilden     (1994 movie novelization)
Tarzan stories...

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1.) Tarzan of the Apes  -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
2.) The Return of Tarzan     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
3.) The Beasts of Tarzan     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
4.) The Son of Tarzan    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
5.) Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
6.) Jungle Tales of Tarzan    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
7.) Tarzan the Untamed   -by Edgar Rice Burroughs   
8.) Tarzan the Terrible     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
9.) Tarzan and the Golden Lion    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs   
10.) Tarzan and the Ant Men     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
11.) Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs      
12.) Tarzan and the Lost Empire   -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
13.) Tarzan at the Earth's Core     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
14.) Tarzan the Invincible     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
15.) Tarzan Triumphant    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
16.) Tarzan and the City of Gold     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
17.) Tarzan and the Lion Man     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
18.) Tarzan and the Leopard Men    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs   
19.) Tarzan's Quest    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
20.) Tarzan and the Forbidden City    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs 
21.) Tarzan the Magnificent     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
22.) Tarzan and the Foreign Legion    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
23.) Tarzan and the Madman    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
24.) Tarzan and the Castaways    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs  
Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins    -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzan the Mighty    -by Arthur B. Reeve
Tarzan on Mars  -by Stuart J. Byrne under the pseudonym of John Bloodstone    (Tarzan-Barsoom crossover)
Tarzan at Mars' Core    -by Edward Hirschman    (Tarzan-Barsoom crossover)
Tarzan and the Pirates of Mars    -by David Myers    (Tarzan-Barsoom crossover)
Thuvia's Treasure    -by David Bruce Bozarth         (Tarzan-Barsoom crossover)
1.) Tarzan and the Silver Globe    -by Peter and Peggy Scott under the pseudonym of Barton Werper
2.) Tarzan and the Cave City    -by Peter and Peggy Scott under the pseudonym of Barton Werper
3.) Tarzan and the Snake People    -by Peter and Peggy Scott under the pseudonym of Barton Werper
4.) Tarzan and the Abominable Snowmen    -by Peter and Peggy Scott under the pseudonym of Barton Werper
5.) Tarzan and the Winged Invaders    -by Peter and Peggy Scott under the pseudonym of Barton Werper
Tarzan and the Valley of Gold    -by Fritz Leiber
Tarzan: the Lost Adventure     -by Edgar Rice Burroughs & Joe R. Lansdale
Tarzan: the Epic Adventures     -by Robert A. Salvatore
The Dark Heart of Time: a Tarzan Novel   -by Philip Jose Farmer
The Adventure of the Peerless Peer   -by Philip Jose Farmer     (Tarzan-Sherlock Holmes crossover)
A Feast Unknown     -by Philip Jose Farmer      (Tarzan-Doc Savage crossover)
Lord of the Trees and The Mad Goblin    -by Philip Jose Farmer    (Tarzan-Doc Savage crossover)
Jungle of Bronze    -by Andy Nunez     (Tarzan-Doc Savage crossover)
Time's Last Gift     -by Philip Jose Farmer
Jungle in the Sky    -by Thomas Johnston
T'zan and the Invisible Men   -by David A. Adams
Survivor    -by Andy Nunez
The Law of the Jungle     -by Andy Nunez      (Tarzan-Dark Shadows crossover)
A Fight In The Forest    -by David Bruce Bozarth     (Tarzan-Conan crossover)
The Well of Time     -by Andy Nunez      (Tarzan-Conan crossover)
When Bulls Meet    -Rod Hunsicker    (Tarzan-Conan crossover)
Against the Sorcerer     -Rod Hunsicker      (Tarzan-Conan crossover)
The Face In The Trees    -by James D. Bozarth      (Tarzan-Phantom crossover)
Ships in the Night    -by Barry E. Stubbersfield    (Tarzan-Phantom crossover)
Mobutu's Ghost     -by Andy Nunez
Tarzan and the Amazons    -by Paul Stein
Tarzan and the City of Diamonds     -by Paul Stein
Tarzan and the Dagomba Treasure     -by Paul Stein
Tarzan and the Desert Rescue    -by Paul Stein
Tarzan and the Fire Gods     -by Paul Stein
Tarzan and the Jewel of Kah     -by Paul Stein
Tarzan: The Mark of The Red Hyena    -by George S. Elrick
Tarzan and The Lost Safari    -by Frank Castle
Tarzan and the Tiger      -by Rod Hunsicker
Tarzan and the Plague     -by Rod Hunsicker
Tarzan and the Lightning Man    -by William Gilmour
The Revelations of a Certain Lord    -by David A. Adams
The Death of Tarzan    -by David A. Adams
Tarzan's Tribute    -by Frank P. Shonfeld
Tarzan and Jane in The Collector    -by Dennis Wilcutt
Albert Schweitzer and the Treasures of Atlantis    -by George Alec Effinger
Tarzan and the Beasts of Kerchak    -by Barry E. Stubbersfield
Tarzan and the Jungle Invaders    -by Barry E. Stubbersfield
Tarzan Downunder    -by Barry E. Stubbersfield
Tarzan the Fearless      -by Barry E. Stubbersfield
Tarzan the Furious     -by Barry E. Stubbersfield
Tarzan the Valiant     -by Barry E. Stubbersfield
Tarzan's Timeless Journey      -by Barry E. Stubbersfield
Tarzan and the Phantom Zebra    -by Free, Ken, and Boone, India
Tarzan, Jane, and Jungle Lust    -by Edward Hirschman
Tarzan and the Warring Tribes    -by J. G. Huckenpohler
Tarzan: Pellucidar Once More    -by Steve Nottingham
Tarzan Alive    -by Philip Jose Farmer    (biography/study of Tarzan)
The Sound of Our Heartbeat        Disney's Tarzan
Birds in a Box        Disney's Tarzan
Spider Line Pictures        Disney's Tarzan
A Second in the Motionless Darkness        Disney's Tarzan
The Sound of the Wind        Disney's Tarzan
Letters from England...Letters from Africa         Disney's Tarzan
Nuts Leaves and Banana Peels        Disney's Tarzan
Forgotten Memories    -British Child       Disney's Tarzan
Reincarnation: The Consequences    -by Ashren Deviticus     Disney's Tarzan
Take Strength From Those That Need You    -by Ashren Deviticus    Disney's Tarzan
If I Ever Lost You    -by Ashren Deviticus    Disney's Tarzan
Dangers No Stranger Here    -by Ashren Deviticus     Disney's Tarzan
Mama    -by Ashren Deviticus    Disney's Tarzan
Without Thinking    -by Ashren Deviticus    Disney's Tarzan
Ellie-Nor    -by Ashren Deviticus   Disney's Tarzan
Secrets    -by Ashren Deviticus   Disney's Tarzan
Marching Faithful     -by Ashren Deviticus     Disney's Tarzan
Daydreamer    -by Amy   Disney's Tarzan
Never Had A Dream Come True    -by PallaPlease    Disney's Tarzan
Run To You   
-by PallaPlease    Disney's Tarzan
Night Fear   
-by PallaPlease    Disney's Tarzan
-by PallaPlease    Disney's Tarzan
Visitors From the Outside World  
-by Jungle Spirit     Disney's Tarzan
You're Not Alone   
-by Jungle Spirit     Disney's Tarzan
Can You Feel the Things I Feel?    -by Jungle Spirit    Disney's Tarzan
-by 1HELD ?
-by 1HELD ?
-by 1HELD ?
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Tarzan the Undefeated     -by Roy Scott, Pen Name of Miron Uriel
Tarzan VS. Frankenstein     -by Roy Scott, Pen Name of Miron Uriel      (Tarzan-Frankenstein crossover)
Tarzan Meets Flash Gordon    
-by Roy Scott, Pen Name of Miron Uriel      (Tarzan-Flash Gordon crossover)
Tarzan and Flash Gordon VS. the Robots     -by Miron Uriel       (Tarzan-Flash Gordon crossover)
Tarzan and the War of the Robots         (Tarzan-Flash Gordon crossover)
Tarzan on the Trail of the Big Treasure     -by Miron Uriel     (Tarzan-Captian Marvel crossover)
Tarzan the Brave    -by ?
The Young Detectives and Tarzan Come to Solomon Bay    -by Avner Carmeli, Pen Name of Shraga Gafni
The Revenge of Tarzan    -by David Karsik, Pen Name of Sulamit Efrony
Tarzan and the Atom Mystery    -by Yariv Amazya, Pen Name of Phinchas Sade
Tarzan, The Crocodile King    -by?
Tarzan Fights Against Himself    by?
Tarzan and the City of Crystal    -by?
Tarzan and the Diamond Snakes    -by?
Tarzan and the Capured Animals    -by?
Tarzan and the Burners of the Huts    -by?
Tarzan and Chage Mustafa El Zaim    -by?
Tarzan and the Blindness Diamnod    -by?
The African Queen   -by  Roger E. Moore      (Daria/Tarzan crossover)
Comfort Food    -by Necia J. Borba
    WB Tarzan
Sweat Dreams    -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan 
Circle's End    -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
Never Too Late    -by Necia J. Borba   WB Tarzan
Shadows Past    -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
Teach Me    -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
Untimely Flutter    -by Necia J. Borba   (Tarzan/Pretender crossover)    WB Tarzan
Before the Storm     -by Necia J. Borba     WB Tarzan
Big Brothers     -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
Cold Shoulder     -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
Imaginary     -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
Misunderstood     -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
Nightwatch     -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
Tempting Offer     -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
There's Always Room     -by Necia J. Borba     WB Tarzan
Time's Gone By     -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
To Safety     -by Necia J. Borba    WB Tarzan
Tangled     -by Sep    WB Tarzan
A New Day Together    -by Sep     WB Tarzan
Trapped    -by Poisoned Ideas    WB Tarzan
Covert Seduction    -by Jadepanther    WB Tarzan
A New York Mardi Gras    -by Deczarina
An Old Wolf     -by Deczarina
Rough Day At the Office    -by Poisoned Ideas   WB Tarzan
The Experience    -by flowerjade
I'm With You (Part One in the Reflections Series)    -by Sapphira   WB Tarzan
Lies (Part Two in the Reflections Series)    -by Sapphira     WB Tarzan
Fallen (Part Three in the Reflections Series)    -by Sapphira     WB Tarzan
Forever (Part Four in the Reflections Series)    -by Sapphira     WB Tarzan
Hollow (Part Five in the Reflections Series)    -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
Nothing Thicker Than Blood (Part Six in the Reflections Series)     -by Sapphira   WB Tarzan
Dangerous Parallels (Part Seven in the Reflections Series)    -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
Breathe In (Part Eight in the Reflections Series)     -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
So Are You To Me (Part Nine in the Reflections Series)     -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
Choices (Part Ten in the Reflections Series)     -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
A Similar Song (Part Eleven in the Reflections Series)     -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
It's You (Part Twelve in the Reflections Series)     -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
Trust (Part Thirteen in the Reflections Series)     -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
Checkmate (Part Fourteen in the Reflections Series)     -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
Show Me The River (Part Fifteen in the Reflections Series)     -by Sapphira    WB Tarzan
Go Get Your Man    -by Jada Blade
Her Unconscious Desires    -by Sophi86
The Diary of Miss Jane Porter
   -by Lew Kaye-Skinner
How Many Apes?    -by Lew Kaye-Skinner
Healing Hands    -by vividmemory     WB Tarzan
Auntie G    -by thehush     (Tarzan/Xena crossover)    WB Tarzan
When Destiny Calls    -by sarajane     WB Tarzan
Destiny Unfolds    -by sarajane     WB Tarzan
Home and Habitats   -by BeElleGee     WB Tarzan
Visions of Delight    -by DocBevCulver     WB Tarzan
My Immortal     -by DocBevCulver     WB Tarzan
For Whom     -by DocBevCulver     (Tarzan/Pretender crossover)     WB Tarzan
Fighting The Cold    -by DocBevCulver     WB Tarzan
Alone    -by DocBevCulver     WB Tarzan
Initial Consultation    -by insidemove19     WB Tarzan
True Calling    -by ForeverGolden04     WB Tarzan
TARZAN    -by Jules-foil    WB Tarzan
Getting Closer    -by Stargazer831     WB Tarzan
All's Fair In Love And Death    -by sugar-junkie     WB Tarzan
Growing Fonder    -by BeElleGee     WB Tarzan
Chance    -by Stigmatized-chick     WB Tarzan
Investigation    -by Impulse5     (Tarzan/Mutant X crossover)    WB Tarzan
Friend In Need, Friend Indeed    -by starry-blue22     WB Tarzan
Pros and Cons    -by BeElleGee     WB Tarzan
Why Me?    -by Frek    WB Tarzan
Trouble    -by roswellwbfan     WB Tarzan
Pillow Talk     -by BeElleGee     WB Tarzan
Back to the Cabin   -by romantic@heart     WB Tarzan
Moves and Counter Moves    -by romantic@heart     WB Tarzan
Just This Moment    -by mrs. travis     WB Tarzan
Worth It    -by Deb Duncan   WB Tarzan
Progress?    -by Tarzan's     WB Tarzan
Clayton's Revenge    -by gabbyfan3     WB Tarzan
A Foolish Arrangement    -by charlotte sometimes     WB Tarzan
Dreams    -by DayLate    WB Tarzan
Charity    -by DayLate    WB Tarzan
Firsts    -by DayLate    WB Tarzan
Hope    -by DayLate    WB Tarzan
Faith    -by DayLate    WB Tarzan
Grace    -by DayLate    WB Tarzan
Fantasy FullFillment Needed Challenge    -by UNIVERSAL SEEKER & DayLate    WB Tarzan
Revenge    -by prettyinpink     WB Tarzan
Exposure     -by kythera     WB Tarzan
Exposure To Civilization    -by kythera     WB Tarzan
The Rest of the Day    -by Hopelessly Devoted     WB Tarzan
MY NAME IS...    -by various authors     WB Tarzan
Tarzan and the Ripples of Eternity    -by Tarzangirl     WB Tarzan
Tarzan and the Echoes of Eternity    -by Tarzangirl     WB Tarzan
Tarzan Triumphs   -by Jean Kassab     WB Tarzan
Learning to Live...    -by Tarzan n Jane     WB Tarzan
Uncertainty    -by Tarzan's     WB Tarzan
Mind and Heart; Body and Soul    -by kazroo     WB Tarzan
Peaches N' Cream    -by KinkyCrablet     WB Tarzan
Partners    -by prettyinpink  WB Tarzan
Love is in the Air    -by gabbyfan3     WB Tarzan
A Fresh Start    -by savetarzanwb     WB Tarzan
Alternative to Charity    -by sportygal85     WB Tarzan
Can Love Conquer All Obstacles?     -by sportygal85     WB Tarzan
Deception of an Innocent    -by Jean Kassab     WB Tarzan
Survival in the Back Country     -by Jean Kassab     WB Tarzan
Doing What's Right    -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Reflections    -by Saturniia     WB Tarzan
The Beginning    -by Rainla     WB Tarzan
Dreams    -by gabbyfan3    WB Tarzan
You Want to Be Trapped    -by Tygress     WB Tarzan
The Name Is Nothing But a Faceless Tag    -by Poisoned Ideas     WB Tarzan
Revenge from Beyond the Grave    -by Jean Kassab     WB Tarzan
His Jungle Home     -by Jean Kassab     WB Tarzan
One Cold Night    -by shyshell21     WB Tarzan
Moonlight    -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Voyage to Love    -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Bedside Manner     -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Deadly Games     -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
To Serve and Protect     -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Christmas Angel     -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Chaos Beckons     -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Thankful     -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
When No One is Around     -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Totally Trusting     -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Sacrifice     -by theotherjane     WB Tarzan
Prelude to a Kiss    -by Chelsie     WB Tarzan
Unanswered Questions    -by Katie     WB Tarzan
Rooftop Feelings    -by Katie     WB Tarzan
The Fight     -by Katie     WB Tarzan
The Greatest Discovery    -by Felicity     WB Tarzan
Wishes    -by EarthShine    WB Tarzan
Two Streams in a Wood Converging    -by Art Bollman
Tarzan vs The Wolfman    -by Dennis E. Power and Chris N.    (
crossover with numerous sources)
Tarzan: Paradise Forsaken     -by Steve Nottingham
Tarzan: In The Kingdom Of Kush    -by Steve Nottingham
Stories that Tarzan makes an appearance in (or is mentioned)
See also Tarzan = Hercules   

The Eternal Savage   -by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Heroes Return    -by John Yik    (Harry Potter crossover with numerous sources)
The League of Heroes    -by Xavier Maumejean & Manuella Chevalier (crossover with numerous sources)
La of Opar    -by David Bruce Bozarth
Korak and the Killer Leopard    -by Ken St. Andre
Memoirs of an Ape's Child   -by David Arthur Adams
Tales of Nkima     -by David A. Adams
Hadon of Ancient Opar    -by Philip Jose Farmer
Flight to Opar    -by Philip Jose Farmer
Bunduki    -by J.T. Edson
Bunduki and Dawn   -by J.T. Edson
Sacrifice for the Quagga God    -by J.T. Edson
Fearless Master of the Jungle  -by J.T. Edson
A Lord and His Lady    -by British Child
Masks of the Illuminati    -by Robert Anton Wilson
Lord Tyger    -by Philip Jose Farmer
Dan Tarzan, The Israeli Tarzan    -by Amnon Shepak and  Zeev Galili     (actually a series of stories)
The Irregulars   
-by Steve ?   (a reality where Wolverine is Lord Greystoke)

Jan stories...

Jan of the Jungle    -by Otis Adelbert Kline
Jan in India     -by Otis Adelbert Kline

Bantan stories...

bmermaid.jpg (126999 bytes)

1.)  Bantan of the Islands    -by Maurice B. Gardner
2.)  Bantan and the Island Goddess    -by Maurice B. Gardner
3.)  Bantan Defiant    -by Maurice B. Gardner
4.)  Bantan Valiant    -by Maurice B. Gardner
5.)  Bantan's Island Peril    -by Maurice B. Gardner
6.)  Bantan Incredible    -by Maurice B. Gardner
7.)  Bantan Primeval    -by Maurice B. Gardner
8.)  Bantan Fearless    -by Maurice B. Gardner
9.)  Bantan and the Mermaids    -by Maurice B. Gardner
10.)  Bantan's Quest    -by Maurice B. Gardner
11.) Ancestors of Bantan    -by Maurice B. Gardner
12.) New Adventures of Bantan     -by Maurice B. Gardner

Sorak stories... 

1.) Sorak of the Malay Jungle    -by Harvey D. Richards
2.) Sorak and the Clouded Tiger    -by Harvey D. Richards
3.) Sorak and the Sultan's Ankus    -by Harvey D. Richards
4.) Sorak and the Tree-Men    -by Harvey D. Richards

Bomba stories...

1.) Bomba the Jungle Boy    -by Roy Rockwood
2.) At the Moving Mountain   -by Roy Rockwood
3.) At the Giant Cataract    -by Roy Rockwood
4.) On Jaguar Island    -by Roy Rockwood
5.) In the Abandoned City    -by Roy Rockwood
6.) On the Terror Trail    -by Roy Rockwood
7.) In the Swamp of Death    -by Roy Rockwood
8.) Among the Slaves    -by Roy Rockwood
9.) On the Underground River    -by Roy Rockwood
10.) And the Lost Explorers    -by Roy Rockwood
11.) In a Strange Land    -by Roy Rockwood
12.) Among the Pygmies    -by Roy Rockwood
13.) And the Cannibals    -by Roy Rockwood
14.) And the Painted Hunters    -by Roy Rockwood
15.) And the River Demons    -by Roy Rockwood
16.) And the Hostile Chieftain    -by Roy Rockwood
17.) Trapped by the Cyclone    -by Roy Rockwood
18.) In the Land of Burning Lava    -by Roy Rockwood
19.) In the Perilous Kingdom    -by Roy Rockwood
20.) In the Steaming Grotto    -by Roy Rockwood

Azan stories...

Azan.jpg (85575 bytes)

Azan the Ape Man: Tribal War    -by Marco Garron -pseudonym of Dennis Hughes?
Azan the Ape Man: Jungle Fever    -by Marco Garron -pseudonym of Dennis Hughes?
Azan the Ape Man: King Hunters    -by Marco Garron -pseudonym of Dennis Hughes?
Azan the Ape Man: The Lost City    -by Marco Garron -pseudonym of Dennis Hughes?
Azan the Ape Man: The Missing Safari    -by Marco Garron -pseudonym of Dennis Hughes?
Azan the Ape Man: White Fangs    -by Marco Garron -pseudonym of Dennis Hughes?

Ka-Zar stories...

King of Fang and Claw      -by Bob Byrd
Roar of the Jungle    -by Bob Byrd  
The Lost Empire    -by Bob Byrd

Kaspa story...

The Lions Way   -by C.T. Stoneham

Jongor stories...

1.) Jongor of Lost Land
2.) The Return of Jongor
3.) Jongor Fights Back    -by Robert Moore Williams

Polaris stories...

Polaris- of the Snows    -by Charles B. Stilson
Minos of Sardanes     -by Charles B. Stilson
Polaris and the Goddess Glorian     -by Charles B. Stilson   

Kwa stories...

Kwa, King of the Apes.bmp (279450 bytes)

Kwa and the Ape People?    -by Paul Regard
Kwa, King of Ophir    -by Paul Regard
Kwa of the Jungle    -by Paul Regard
Kwa and the Beast Men    -by Paul Regard

Kioga stories...

Kioga of the Unknown Land    -by William Chester
Hawk of the Wilderness    -by William Chester
Kioga of the Wilderness    -by William Chester
One Against a Wilderness    -by William Chester

Ki-Gor stories...

Nirvana of the Seven Voodoos    -by John Peter Drummond
Voodoo Slaves For The Devil's Daughter    -by John Peter Drummond
Death Seeks For Congo Treasure    -by John Peter Drummond
The Monsters Of Voodoo Isle    -by John Peter Drummond
Night Of The Wasuli Death    -by John Peter Drummond
Slave-Caverns Of Molundu    -by John Peter Drummond
Ki-Gor - King Of The Jungle    -by John Peter Drummond
Ki-Gor and the Stolen Empire    -by John Peter Drummond
Ki-Gor and the Secret Legions of Simba    -by John Peter Drummond
Ki-Gor and the Forbidden Mountain   
-by John Peter Drummond
Ki-Gor and the Cannibal Kingdom   
-by John Peter Drummond
Paradise That Time Forgot, The   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Empire of Doom   
-by John Peter Drummond
Lair of the Beast   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Temple of the Moon God   
-by John Peter Drummond
White Savage   
-by John Peter Drummond
Tigress of T'Wanbi   
-by John Peter Drummond
Slaves For the Renegade Sultan   
-by John Peter Drummond
Blood Priestess of Vig'Na   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Cannibal Horde   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Devil's Death Trap   
-by John Peter Drummond
Eyrie of the Golden Goddess   
-by John Peter Drummond
Caravan of Terror   
-by John Peter Drummond
Death Krall of the Elephants   
-by John Peter Drummond
Stalkers of the Dawn World   
-by John Peter Drummond
Cobra Queen of the Congo Legions   
-by John Peter Drummond
Monkey-Men of Loba-Gola   
-by John Peter Drummond
Bride of the Serpent God   
-by John Peter Drummond
Land of the Lost Safaris   
-by John Peter Drummond
Silver Witch   
-by John Peter Drummond
Huntress of the Hell Pack   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Golden Beasts of Zuli'Maen   
-by John Peter Drummond
Slave Brides For the Dawn Men   
-by John Peter Drummond
Safari For Black Ivory   
-by John Peter Drummond
Blood Gold of B'Tonga   
-by John Peter Drummond
Where Man-Beasts Prowl   
-by John Peter Drummond
Warrior Queen of Attila's Lost Legion   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Diamond Fangs of M'Buba M'N   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Seven Silver Skulls of L'Gonda   
-by John Peter Drummond
Slave of the Jackel Priestess   
-by John Peter Drummond
Cromba Has a Thousand Spears   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Golden Claws of Raa   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Lost Beast of Ta-Tamba   
-by John Peter Drummond
Safari of the Serpent Slaves   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Mad Monster of Mu'ungu   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Sword of Sheba   
-by John Peter Drummond
Lost Priestess of the Nile   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Beast Gods of Atlantis   
-by John Peter Drummond
Flame Priestess of Carthage   
-by John Peter Drummond
Night of the Wasuli Death   
-by John Peter Drummond
Silver Caverns of Molundu   
-by John Peter Drummond
Fane of the Python Princess   
-by John Peter Drummond
White Cannibal   
-by John Peter Drummond
The Giant Gorilla Men    -by John Peter Drummond

Tharn stories...  (Tharn is possibly Tarzan in Prehistory.  -theory by Dennis E. Power?)

Tharn.jpg (43745 bytes)

Warrior of the Dawn    -by Howard Browne
The Return of Tharn    -by Howard Browne

Tam story...

Tam, Son of the Tiger    - Otis Adelbert Kline

Morgyn story...

Morgyn the Mighty.jpg (66957 bytes)

Morgyn the Mighty   -by?

George story...

George of the Jungle    -Novel by Beth Nadler based on a story by Dana Olsen

Nanu story...

The World's Greatest Athlete    -by Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso

Sheena stories...

The Slave Brand of Sleman bin Ali    -by James Anson Buck
Sargasso of Lost Safaris    -by James Anson Buck
Killer's Kraal    -by James Anson Buck
Sword of Gimshai    -by Joseph W. Musgrave

Anjani stories...

Anjani, White God of the Jungle    -by Earl Titan -pseudonym of John Russell Fearn
The Gold of Akada     -by Earl Titan -pseudonym of John Russell Fearn
Anjani the Mighty     -by Earl Titan -pseudonym of John Russell Fearn

Zamba story...

Zamba of the Jungle    -by John Raymond

Shuna stories...

Shuna, White Queen of the Jungle    -by John King pseudonym of Earnest L. McKeag
Shuna and the Lost Tribe    -by John King pseudonym of Earnest L. McKeag

Jacahe stories...

The Untamed    -by Victor Norwood?
The Caves of Death    -by Ron Turner and/or Victor Norwood
The Temple of the Dead    -by Ron Turner and/or Victor Norwood
The Skull of Kanaima    -by Ron Turner and/or Victor Norwood
The Island of Creeping Death    -by G.P. Micklewright and/or Victor Norwood
Cry of the Beast    -by John Richards and/or Victor Norwood
Drums Along the Amazon    -by John Richards and/or Victor Norwood

Some information concerning the characters of Azan, Anjani, Zamba, Shuna and Jacahe came from The British Tarzans: A Bibliography, compliled by Philip Harbottle.

a list of jungle lords and ladies found only in comics...
(Side-kicks and companions are not included.)

male characters
Jungle Lords...

(based on Ki-Gor)
Jo-Jo, The Congo King
Tharn, The Magnificent
Tono and Kono The Jungle Twins
Tabu- Jungle Wizard
The Red Panther
Lo-Zar, Lord of the Jungle
Tambor the Mighty
Zago, Jungle Prince
Zor the Mighty
Jungle Jo
Doctor Voodoo
Congo King
Kona: Monarch of Monster Isle

jungle boys...

Wambi the Jungle Boy
Wild Boy of the Congo
Kimbo, Boy of the Jungle
Jan, the Jungle Boy
Tom-Tom, the jungle boy

female characters
Jungle Ladies...

Taanda, The Princess
Judy of the Jungle
Lorna, The Jungle Queen
Jann of the Jungle
Shanna the She-Devil
Rulah- Jungle Goddess
Camilla, Congo Queen
Cave Girl
Tiger Girl
Tegra, Jungle Empress
Zegra, Jungle Empress
Saari, The Jungle Goddess
Tanda, White Princess of the Jungle
Leopard Girl
Vooda, Jungle Princess
Jungle Lil
Kara, The Jungle Princess
Princess Pantha
Tygra of the Flame People

jungle girl...

Taj of the Elephants

Much information on the comic book characters came from The Comic Book Jungle by Bill Black.


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Tarzan has often been identified with the Biblical figure of Nimrod.   Considering his immortality, it is entirely possible that he was Nimrod.

Merlin was a predecessor of Tarzan.  Living among the beasts of the wild, Merlin was also feral.  Here is my own small page about the Wild Man of Celidon forest.      Myrddin Emrys
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12 Labors of Hercules Compared With The 12 Jungle Tales of Tarzan

Voilet Books: Tarzan in Israel
"Some of the Israeli Tarzan stories described his meetings with other well known characters such as Dracula and Doctor Fu Manchu.  They even let him meet characters which originally were imitations of his such as the lion boy Kaspa, and the jungle girl Sheena, and the Indian jungle man Zimbo who had originally appeared in a series of Indian jungle movies."     -Eli Eshed

Picture of Jane fighting the Alien Queen    Tarzan/Beauty and the Beast crossover picture

Throughout time one version of Tarzan has had someone hunting him.

Barbie plays a feral girl named Rosella in the new animated movie "The Island Princess".

I would like to thank Andy Bow, Larry Hellyer and Eugene Dungan for several helpful suggestions.